• My Top Ten Best Songs of 2022

    And now onto my favorite section: the best! It should come as no shock to anyone that the best music to listen to is the type that makes you happy. I personally cannot understand people who only listen to “sad girl music” – not that I don’t see the appeal, but… all the time? Where’s your room for joy?

    The only issue I have with singing praises of all my favorite songs is that I tend to repeat myself. “Great song” “This song makes me really happy” “Love the production” Like I can’t think of anything else. Just know I love these songs a lot. 

  • My Top Ten Worst Songs of 2022

    Well! It’s certainly been a while since my last post. I have no one to blame but myself, however I can partially pin it on wanting to rebrand a bit. As someone who is highly likely to be on the spectrum, I’ve always had special interests, but recently mine has shifted a bit! It used to be books, reading them, writing about them, etc. Tiktok has kinda ruined my relationship to the medium– actually, it’s less Tiktok and more Colleen Hoover and the new wave of heterosexual slop being passed as literature… So now, it’s music! Saying music in general makes me sound insane, so I’ll try to specify it a bit: I like the behind the scenes aspect of music, the culture surrounding it, and the concepts of how my favorite artists and albums come to fruition. I fucking love it. I’m obsessed with it!

    Just as a minor disclaimer, talking about music I hate– to me at least– is hard because it’s not pleasurable to listen to stuff you hate, as opposed to hate-watching a movie. It doesn’t benefit anyone, and it doesn’t make me happy. It just makes me upset to see wasted potential.  

  • ode to the girls i wish i knew

    Growing up as a vaguely autistic, closeted, and extremely awkward child, I didn’t have the easiest experience at making friends. It’s not that I was bullied per se, but I just could never mesh with people my age– especially other girls. It didn’t help that I moved around so much either, so I could never really form those crucial bonds that so many kids my age did with their peers. I felt like an alien. So naturally, I turned to media to soothe my yearning for female companionship.

  • A Long Overdue “One Last Stop” Review

    ★★☆☆☆ ⎼ contains slight spoilers.

    Looking back at my last time reading this (which was June of 2021), I think I gave it a flawless 5 out of 5 stars just because I felt the serious lack of lesbian representation in romance novels start to seep into my brain. After one year of having this novel in my possession, I decided to re-read it, and jeez, did I find it grating to get through.

  • We Should Not Have to Beg

    It’s no secret that the majority of feminist hot topics, research, and forums are heteronormative. As Audre Lorde in her speech, “The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House”, put it best: 

    “As women, we have been taught either to ignore our differences, or to view them as causes for separation and suspicion rather than as forces for change. Without community there is no liberation, only the most vulnerable and temporary armistice between an individual and her oppression. But community must not mean a shedding of our differences, nor the pathetic pretense that these differences do not exist.”